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Post by Rubber on Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:52 pm

Bulletstorm Review.

This is a highly addictive game!

Not for its intro however, which is a little long winded and unnecessary! You’ll see what I mean... All we needed to know was we crash landed on a god forsaken planet due to the captain of the ship (you by the way!) being a drunk, revenge driven soldier hell bent on killing his former employer. However you get to learn how to duck, look up, left, right, pull a trigger etc.. The usual boring stuff, through a 30 minute introduction to the game, where you learn you have been working for a man who has been assigning you to missions killing innocent people!
So what best to do in that situation? Steal a ship and become a space pirate!!

The tag line to this game is 'Kill with Skill!' and kill with skill is what you do! Not long into the game you receive a wrist device which allows you to leash enemies and items (slowing them in time as they approach you) into the air and other objects such as spikes, flames and electrical charges. However you can also leash into devices scattered around each level allowing you to see your progress, upgrade your weapons and check an extensive list of Skill Kills that you have achieved and are still to perform.. and here in lies the addictive part!

If you love your achievement whoring or trophy hunting, think of these as in game achievements! They start off quite simple; A head shot here, a shot in the ass there, to launching multiple enemies sky high, ball shotting an enemy still with his feet on the ground and killing every guy in the air before they hit the floor. The combinations increase as you progress through the game and with every new weapon a new list presents itself! Each successful Skill Kill earns you Skill Points, an initial large amount the first time you perform the new kill and a lesser amount each time thereafter. This allows you to earn large amounts of Skill Points which you use to spend on ammo, upgrades and unlocking secondary attacks for your weapons, to increase the onslaught of oncoming foes!

The story line itself is pretty simple and very linear! At first you feel it’s so linear that you might as well be playing FFXIII Wink. But when you get used to the controls and start practicing the skill kills you look forward to the next predictable wave of enemies to nail that next handful of challenging skill kills! The game play, graphics, sounds and characters are so similar to Gears of War that sometimes you think this is what Marcus Phoenix does for fun! However the swearing and bad language in this game makes all other games seems quaint in comparison. Expect from the get go; F*** this, F*** that! And lines from ladies such as 'If you follow me I’ll shoot your f***ing d**k off!' followed with responses such as 'What does that mean, you'll shoot my f***ing d**k off? How 'bout I shoot your f***ing d**k off.' Sorry kids this game earns its 18(BBFC) rating!

You may find yourself turning this off after not much play time, but you'll feel its nag pulling you back and you will be picking this game up and putting it down multiple times throughout the day! Which for the casual gamer is a god send, finally a decent game that can be picked up for 10 minutes and put pack down having fully enjoyed the experience!

And of course like most single player campaigns this storyline and skill achieving system is purely training you for the onslaught of your friends and enemies online!!

Have fun.

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