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Post by Rubber on Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:48 am

Dead Space 2 Review.

Let’s just say, Dead Space 2 is unforgivingly scary!

From the get go you are presented with a face ripping, bone cracking necromorph, created with such detail that you are either find yourself offended or extremely excited about what this game has installed for you. With no defense other than the straight jacket you are restrained in, which let me tell you, is no defense what so ever, you flee from a surrounding that is eerily familiar.

With monsters around every corner, Isaac is fighting for survival aboard the space station Sprawl. As horror games go this is definitely up there with an old favorite of mine, The Suffering. The sound on this game will have you wound so tight that even your pet fish moving in the distance will have you squeezing the trigger, wasting valuable ammo as you shriek looking around to determine what the hell just happened. However by this point you’ll probably have a necromorph; a disfigured human being mutilated beyond recognition crawling from the ceiling down the wall onto your arm ready to rip it from your torso. If you’re quick enough, you may enter a quick time event with the disfigurement usually comprising of rapidly hitting the ‘A’ or ‘X’ button whilst you catch your breath, as other necromorphs wait for their turn to impale or devour you.

However, Isaac Clarke is no longer an ill prepared engineer with no idea what is going on. He is no longer an inexperienced man in this situation and he is pissed! You first notice this from the enhanced brutality of his melee attacks. With a single stomp you can shred a pile of skin and muscle from the rest of a decaying corpse. Or demolish a container, with plasma cutter in hand, so hard that it leaves you searching the room for the ammo you just revealed; a welcome friend after experiencing the beginning of this game. Oh and another thing.. He is no longer sane! It’s a good thing you are though (…for now). As you are far from as prepared for this onslaught of horror and anxiety as Isaac is!

There will be times you are unsure whether what you are fighting is real or just in Isaacs head and when you think your safe you’ll be attacked by both hysteria and a seemingly dead corpse next to a save point.

You are navigated throughout the game by people you are unsure whether to put your trust into and when you decide, prepare to be surprised. This game will have you chucked out of air locks, diving from space ship to cargo ship whilst being chased by a 30ft monster to then find shelter in a crawl space or air vents with little than 3cms of movement space and no way of turning around. This creates an unwelcome feeling of claustrophobia throughout the game. As you are presented on numerous occasions with no other option than to climb in head first - and remember it take both hands to crawl.

The game sees favored weapons from the original Dead Space return with a couple of new surprises that attempt to give you an advantage in this hostile environment. All weapons and suits that Isaac wears can be upgraded using the familiar bench system, which gives a feeling of some control back on what seems to be a very linear storyline. I wont give any more away, but be expected to have good reflexes and expect the unexpected. Don’t be surprised to find yourself dangling upside down, foot caught in rope and unsure whether to try and shoot it, freeing yourself or to focus on the numerous necromorphs slashing at your throat.

I highly recommend you try this game and if you’re man enough play it on your own, in the dark with the sound very loud…

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